Fine Grade Clay Mitt


  • Thoroughly wash the vehicle to remove all loose surface contaminants
  • Spray a workable section of the vehicle surface with mild shampoo as lubrication.  Lubrication is most important while using the Clay Mitt.
  • Scrub the lubrication areas with light pressure until you feel that it is silky smooth (there will be a noticeable difference).  Repeat step 2 and step 3 on each section of the vehicle until completely treated.
  • If the vehicle is heavily contaminated, a final wash and rinse is suggested.
  • Dry the vehicle with a clean microfiber towel


Care and Storage:

  • Keep car wet and DO NOT apply pressure when using
  • After use, rinse the clay pad and let it naturally air dry in shady place.  Do NOT let other objects touch the clay side
  • DO NOT put it back in the plastic bag after first use, just put it in a clean and shady place without any wrapping, while keeping the clay side up
  • DO NOT put it at high temperatures at any time, doing otherwise the clay side will melt
  • DO NOT use when vehicle’s surface temperature is over 120℉
  • DO NOT use if the clay side is tacky and soft

Part No. 4001R

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