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Part No. 4005 Leather Cleaner

LEATHER CLEANER gently removes common stains, dirt and oil using a pH-balanced formula for safe, effective cleaning. LEATHER CLEANER penetrates and loosens dirt particles and removes stains without damaging the leather itself.  LEATHER CLEANER is also an effective cleaner on vinyl, rubber, and plastic surfaces.

• Formulated to safely clean finished leather
• Ph Balanced for perfect compatibility
• Non-caustic, non acid cleaner

• Penetrates deeply to lift out imbedded dirt.
• Pulls dirt and grease off the surface without harming the leather
• Preserves the original softness and feel of the leather

Use for:
• Leather cleaning
• Leather restoration
• Vinyl and plastic trim cleaning

How to use:
• Consult SDS for complete safety information before using
• Apply 4005 LEATHER CLEANER to a clean cloth and gently work the product into the surface.
• Do not scrub the area as this may cause surface damage.
• Immediately rinse the area with clean water and allow to dry.

Tech Tip:
• We recommend that an application of 4006 LEATHER TREATMENT or 3924 LEATHER GUARD be applied immediately after cleaning to replenish any natural oils
that may have been dissolved during the cleaning process.


Order using these numbers:
40052 -  Pint    (16 oz.) Carton Qty: 12
40053 -  Quart (32 oz.) Carton Qty: 12
40054 -  1 Gallon Jug   Carton Qty: 4
4005S -  5 Gallon Square
40056 -  30 Gallon Drum
40057 -  55 Gallon Drum