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TORNADOR® Air/Water Cleaning Tool: Product #89010 

TORNADOR® Car cleaning tools are the fastest and easiest way to clean all automotive surfaces. The TORNADOR® works with your air compressor to blast cleaning solution into crevices you cannot reach by hand. Clean carpet, plastics, and upholstery inside the car. Clean wheels, convertible tops, and body seams on the exterior of your vehicle. The TORNADOR® car cleaning tool cleans where other tools cannot. 

The patented TORNADOR® car cleaning tool tackles your most challenging detailing jos with ease. The cone-shaped nozzle and oscillating tip create a tornado cleaning action that cleans hard and soft surfaces like nothing you've seen before. Dirt and grime are immediately released from fabrics, carpet, and solid surfaces.

The TORNADOR® car cleaning tool releases a fine mist of cleaning solution that does not over-saturate surfaces. You'll see the liquid turning dirty as grime is released from the surface. Wipe with a microfiber towel. Then turn the dial to shut off the liquid and use the compressed air to dry the cleaned area. It's that simple.

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TORNADOR® Foaming Gun: Product #89011 

The 89011 Tornador Foaming Gun generates aerosol type foam using your favorite multipurpose cleaners. Save time and money when using the Tornador Foaming Gun. This high-performance cleaning tool is perfect for carpets, seats, and exterior applications. With the Tornador Foaming Gun, you can now control the amount of foam and strength by using the products you normally use in detailing operations. No more bucket and high water pressure to create multipurpose cleaning foam.

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TORNADOR® Blow-Out Gun: Product #89014 

The 89014 Tornador Blowout Gun lifts all the dirt and grime from carpets to ensure deep and total cleaning. Use the Tornador Blowout Tool to dry and dress wet engines after power washing and detailing.

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TORNADOR® Z-020 BLACK: Product #89020

The Z-020 TORNADOR® BLACK features newly developed rotational technology inside the funnel to provide faster, more powerful cleaning. Professional detailers will love the speed and and effectiveness of the TORNADOR® BLACK. The new design reduces wear and ensures a longer life and superior performance.

The Z-020 TORNADOR® BLACK is less noisy, too. The designers increased power but reduced air consumption and noise. Plus, the TORNADOR® BLACK is equipped with sealed ball bearings inside the rotation set. Wear is minimized because the rotation set no longer comes into contact with the cone. This improvement makes the TORNADOR® BLACK better suited for long-term frequent use in a proffesional detailing capacity.

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