REDI-SHINE is a water based non-flammable interior and exterior dressing that dries to a hard, dust free finish. REDI-Shine dresses and protects all vinyl or rubber surfaces with the economy of a water based product and the durability of a solvent-based dressing. REDI-Shine is safe for all engine compartment surfaces including hoses, plastic, and rubber.


  • New technology silicone emulsion formula
  • Fortified with high grade polymers
  • Cherry, bubble gum scented


  • Low cost but performs like a solvent based dressing
  • Prevents drying, cracking, discoloration
  • Enhances interiors with a pleasing scent

Use for:

  • Final detailing inside, outside, and under the hood
  • Preserving vinyl and rubber trims and hoses
  • A non-sticky, dust-free, like-new appearance

How to use:
Consult SDS for complete safety information before using.


  • Wipe on vinyl, leather & rubber surfaces.
  • Allow to air dry or wipe dry with a clean cloth.


  • Spray entire engine compartment taking care to not soak electrical components.
  • Allow to air dry before starting vehicle.


Tech Tip:
For best results, always apply to clean, dry surfaces.

Order using these numbers:

50053 –  Quart (32 oz.) Carton Qty: 12
50054 –  1 Gallon Jug   Carton Qty: 4
5005S –  5 Gallon Square
50057 –  55 Gallon Drum

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