Rust Guard

RUST GUARD is formulated to protect hard-to-reach areas against rust and corrosion. RUST GUARD is a thixotropic, wax-based treatment that protects unpainted surfaces and recessed cavities where rust can occur undetected. RUST GUARD cures to a tough exterior film and remains fluid inside the protection shell.


  • Thixotropic fluid
  • Wand-set viscosity
  • New synthetic wax formulation
  • Low temperature adhesion


  • Resists dripping
  • Allows no-hole-drilling application
  • Remains flexible and does not crack or peel
  • Will not flake off even at – 40° F

Use for:

  • Keeping vehicles looking new
  • Sealing the inner-body surfaces
  • Excellent long term protection against rust and corrosion

How to use:

  • Consult SDS for complete safety information before using
  • Consult application manual
  • Apply product with spray gun designed for undercoating

Tech Tip:

  • 3927 RUST GUARD exceeds MIL Spec MIL-C-0083933 (A) MR (AM3) and passes all 1500 hour 5% salt spray protection tests.
  • This product can also be used for industrial and heavy truck applications.

Order by these numbers:
39273 – Quart
3927K – 16 Gallon keg
39277 – 55 Gallon drum

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