Dress Blues

DRESS BLUES is safe for all engine compartment surfaces including hoses, plastic and rubber.  DRESS BLUES preserves and protects all vinyl or rubber surfaces.  DRESS BLUES can be used as is or diluted up to 1:4 for user’s cost and shine levels.


  • Silicone emulsion formula
  • Cherry scented
  • Use as is or cut up to 1 part DRESS BLUES with 4 parts of water for economy


  • Prevents drying, cracking, discoloration
  • Enhances interiors with a pleasing scent
  • User can adjust shine and cost level

Use for:

  • Final detailing under the hood
  • Preserving vinyl and rubber trims and hoses
  • A non-sticky, dust-free, like-new appearance

How to use:

  • Consult SDS for complete safety information before using.
  • Spray entire engine compartment taking care to not soak electrical components.
  • Allow to air dry before starting vehicle.

Tech Tip: For best results, always apply to clean, dry surfaces.

Order using these numbers:

51103 –  Quart (32 oz.) Carton Qty: 12
51104 –  1 Gallon Jug   Carton Qty: 4
5110S –  5 Gallon Square
51106 –  30 Gallon Drum
51107 –  55 Gallon Drum

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